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Our pursuit for perfection and client satisfaction is what guides us now and in our future.

The perfect rose guatemala

The world is constantly evolving around us so we plan to continue evolving with it, in our pursuit of what we call the "PERFECT ROSE".


Towards the future, we aim to continue bringing that perfect smile our roses bring to people's faces. That's the reason we embrace the future, understanding the difficulties and opportunities it holds! This ambition of pursuit of success is and will continue to shape our future and with your help we will overcome whatever it is to come.


Our mission sets our purpose, not as a company but as a team. It sets the standards towards which we direct our actions.


“To offer premium flowers from Guatemala as an alternative from Colombia and Ecuador”

Our vision isn't only our guideline to every decision we take.  It sets an utopic dream towards which, we focus all of our energy in.


“To supply top quality flowers produced in a supportive and sustainable way to develop our local community”

Our values are our guide of behavior and describe how we behave internally, and towards the world.


Excellence: We are committed to the same quality every week of the year.

Leadership: To be a positive influence in our local community and contribute on their development both socially and professionally.

Team Work: We accomplish customer satisfaction by stimulating our personnel with tools and training, encouraging personal growth and ambition for success in business.



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