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Corporate Social Responsibility


At Primarossa we are deeply concerned about the future of our planet. That’s why back in 2015 the company started it’s process to become a Rainforest Alliance certified farm, which was successfully completed in June 2016.


The program enhances the relationship between the company and its stake holders by truly showing each other the benefits of committing to a more sustainable agriculture.


The regulation is basically divided in 4 sections:

1. Environmental preservation:

May it be lakes, rivers, or forest the program sets strict rules in order to preserve the existing natural resources and avoid soil or waters degradation. At our farms we use roughly 1.5 million liters of water form our neighbor rivers. This water is appropriately treated in our irrigation centrals in order to comply with the regulation specifications. 

2. Protection of public health:

Agriculture should never come at the expense of human health. That’s why at Primarossa we follow the programs strict regulations about appropriate equipment for protection; video and live training to employees whose jobs involve direct contact with risky products.


3. Local communities:

Our relationship with the local communities couldn’t be better. Many of them work with us and many others rent their land to us. We have great communication with them and we support their initiatives to a better community like donations for new roads, flowers for their events, use of our soccer field and many other small details that we are always happy to help! 


4. Animal wellfare:

The planet is home for us all. Including our fellow animal species with which we share land. At Primarossa hunting or attempting any type of harm to our animal species is strictly prohibited. And though measures are imposed on infringers. We invite our workers to interact with nature with different green areas located around the farm. 

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