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After many years in the industry, at Primarossa, S.A. we have established a limit of 10 hectares maximum per farm. Which is just the right amount of work to be given to a team.


Each team is completed by 2 agronomists that are in charge of how to manage the plants and make sure they reach their productivity goals. Then we have two other teams “MIPE” and “MIRFE” which take care of both the biological controls on the plantation and the fertilization of the plants. It is these team's objective to keep the plants as healthy as possible and to schedule the peaks of the harvest for key holidays like Valentines Day and Mother’s Day in the US.


Another tough challenge our teams face is mite invasions and fungus attacks to our plants. In order to control so many different aspects of the plants we have developed rigorous programs to force each worker to map their areas as controlled area, area at risk or critical area.   

Worker at Primarossa Farm


The story begins in two small towns located near Bogota, Colombia. A man and a woman that were meant to meet each other started a famous journey called life. Following a job opportunity offered to Juan Carlos they decided to move to Guatemala. In a few months they fell in love with the country. . Since a very young age, Juan Carlos had developed some kind of special interest to flowers, as he loved to take care of the small garden in his parent’s house. Very soon he started to think about a business related to flowers, which he knew Fabiola would love. The idea was implemented really quickly as Fabiola was in love with the idea, and in a few months on February 1998 Primarossa was born. The company spent its next decade growing safely as quickly as possible. Guided by the couples passion the company reached in 2015 over 13 million roses exported to the US and employing over 400 local workers from Zaragoza, Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

Primarossa Team