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WFFSA 2018

Primarossa Members attended to the wholesale florist & florist supplier association summit last week. During this incredible event we had the opportunity to connect with a lot of people involved in the floral industry and new potential clients for Primarossa.

Wffsa was held in the Miami airport convention center. More than 190 wholesalers are registered and are able to attend to the floral show to connect with growers to start business relationships.

On the picture in the left side we can see Juan Camilo Ucros our sales manager and Nicolas Ucros our general manager at the entrance of the event.

This "flower fair" was really important for Primarossa to attend as it helps the company to have a better understanding of where the wholesale flower industry is heading to.

During the conference most of the guest speakers agreed on two essential threats in the industry.

First the transportation costs, getting more expensive and less efficient each year for which the most viable solution mentioned by the panelists was the increase in the use of sea containers. The second problem was climate change, this year we've had more rain and a lot less sunlight than the past years, this is affecting the productivity of the plants and consequently the rentability of the growers around the globe.

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